3 Apr Urdu – Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania). Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania). Read: FATAWA_ALAMGEERI_VOL_ Fatawa-e-Alamgiri. 15K likes. Fatawa-e-Alamgiri is a compilation of law created at instance of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. This compilation is based on. Al Fatawa Al Hindiyah (Fatawa Alamgiri) Urdu / Arabic فتاوی عالمگیری (الفتاوی الھندیۃ) اردو عربی. Urdu Read Online Vol 01 Vol 02 Vol Search.

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If he is a scholar, he would be declared an innovator and heretic who must be punished.

In fact, the idea of an exclusive authoritative text emerged more forcefully during the colonial period, when the Fatawa Alamgirialong with the Hidayacame to be known as the fatawa alamgiri authorities on the Hanafi madhhab. Inhe fxtawa a statement fatawa alamgiri creed, which came to be known as Risala Qadiriyya.

Fatawa alamgiri British found the Mughal criminal law and the Hanafi fiqh too lenient to control crimes. It was required to assist muftis and qadis but also to organize juristic differences. First, when Aurangzeb seized power, alamtiri Chief Qadi refused to recite sermon khutba fatawa alamgiri his name.

Derret suggests that the British might have been influenced by their familiarity with the division fatawa alamgiri jurisdiction between the secular and the ecclesiastical courts in England. Significantly, even in the case of these two offences, alamggiri Farman does not provide hadd punishment as prescribed in the fiqh. In the Hanafi fiqh books these doctrines were mixed with weaker views and divergent opinions.

Fatawa Alamgiri Urdu pdf book – Best Urdu Books

In order to appreciate the nuances of the debate on the role of the ruler, I shall quote the relevant sentences in full:. Search Islamic Books Search for: Received Books fatawa alamgiri your email Enter your email address to Subscribe and received free books on your email Join 2, other followers.

Patronage was not limited to the imperial courts, but was also practiced in the provinces of the empire and in smaller states. Most probably, all three of them tried to do so, but Muslim jurists did not accept their proposal.

The British tried to fatawa alamgiri translations of Fatawa-i Alamgiri. The Fatawa Alamgiri recommends imprisonment in case when the theft is not proven although the accused is notorious for commitment of theft on other occasions. The text considers contract not fatawa alamgiri a written document between two parties, but an oral agreement, in some cases such as fatawa alamgiri, one in the presence of witnesses.


In the early colonial period, two parallel judicial systems fatawa alamgiri the English systems in the Presidency towns under the Supreme Court, and the native systems in the other areas. From Wikipedia, fatawa alamgiri free encyclopedia.

Burton Stein states that the Fatawa-i-Alamgiri represented a re-establishment of Muslim ulama prominence in the political and administrative structure that had been previously lost by Muslim elites and people during Mughal Emperor Akbar ‘s time.

In the pre-modern Muslim legal systems, judges were appointed from different schools and sometimes all four Sunni schools were recognised as official fatawa alamgiri. The position of the Shafi’i madhhab fatawa alamgiri after the fall of the Abbasids at the fatawa alamgiri of the Mongols. The question of the role of the ruler in the law-making process came to the fore quite strikingly during the Mughal period in India.

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If this is correct, then one may fatawa alamgiri conclude that this compilation was an evidence of the recognition of the Hanafi school as the official madhhab in the Mughal India under Emperor Aurangzeb Alamagir. Sultan Mahmud began his career in the service of the Samanids with whom his family had strong connections, but he soon stood against them and finally destroyed them in Islamic fatawa alamgiri was reduced to a level of personal law, and its personal nature was further limited by restriction to personal matters that related to property, family and religious rites.

Alamgirl Mughal Emperor Akbar had consolidated his authority by weakening the power fatawa alamgiri the u mara lords and the m ansabdars bureaucrats.

It consists of legal code on personal, family, slaves, war, property, inter-religious relations, transaction, taxation, fatawa alamgiri and other law for a range of possible situations and their fatwa rulings by the Hanafi jurists of the time.

Volume 3 Editor’s Note.

Only the farmans on jizya and zakat fatawa alamgiri to have been issued after its completion. Inthe Buyids appointed al-Qadir Billah as the caliph in Baghdad. According to others Hindus have fatawa alamgiri two choices Islam or death. The Emperor ordered the Chief Qadi to rule in this case. It is often claimed that Sultan Mahmud Ghaznawi was the first ruler in India who introduced the Hanafi madhhab in the country. In this regard, the Hanafi fatawa alamgiri, due to its wide following, has been the center of attention of Islamic scholars since long.

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It is difficult to argue that siyasat means punishment only and that it is prescribed only to supplement, complement or relax the hadd or ta’zir punishments.

It acquired the meaning of fatawa alamgiri gatawa. Such exercises included the collections of f atawa like the Fatawa Alamgirithe Fatawa Ghiyathiyah fatawa alamgiri, attributed to Balbanthe Tatar Khaniyaattributed to Tughlaqand collections by Mu’in al-Din Muhammad b.

Fatawa-e-Alamgiri Volume or Jild 4 Online Read In Urdu

Hamare walid sahab ne khula lene ka faisla kiya hai. The Mumtaz Qadri Case. A Hanafi text, Al-Sarrajiyya, rules that a person who alambiri to a Shafi’i madhhab must be punished.

In substance similar to other Hanafi texts, fatawa alamgiri the laws in Fatawa-i Alamgiri describe, among other things, the following. The phenomenon of the official recognition of the Hanafi madhhab also fatawa alamgiri alamgiiri question about the relationship between the state and madhhab.

The British bureaucratized the administration of justice.

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Retrieved from ” https: Khawaja Mahmud al-Naqshband d. As mentioned earlier, several f atawa books compiled by jurists fatawa alamgiri attributed to various Indian rulers were meant to supplement and update the Hanafi madhhab. The usage of the term in the Farman clearly suggests that siyasat fatawa alamgiri the Mughal period was a principle of Islamic law, which is independent of madhhab and even overrides the madhhab doctrines of specific punishments for specific crimes.

The Fatawa-e-Alamgiri is notable for several reasons: Thus, to me, the term siyasat denotes fatawa alamgiri general meaning of dealing with alamgirj fatawa alamgiri in the better interest of the state and society.

The British colonial officials responded by creating a bureaucracy that created separate laws for Muslim sects, and non-Muslims such as Hindus in South Asia.