PLEASE NOTE Since the Glidecam HD is essentially the same as the HD- and the HD, this manual only shows photographs of the Glidecam. Since the Glidecam HD is essentially the same as the HD and the this manual only shows photographs of the Glidecam HD being setup and. I just joined the glidecam club. I bought a XR secondhand on ebay to use with my C – and I have a question that maybe you can help.

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Balancing requires you to move weights around the bottom of the plate so that lateral movement along the X and Y axes is glidecam hd 2000 manual.

Any change in weight or weight distribution on the top plate is going to throw things off balance.

Glidecam Hd Manual, Anywhere To Download? – Glidecam Product Discussion – Glidecam Forum

The other hand is used to perform whatever camera movement you choose. You’ll want to end up with a Z-axis drop time of two to three seconds.

glidecam hd 2000 manual Glidecam Models There are few Glidecam models, and the one you glidecam hd 2000 manual will depend on the amount of weight you’ll be mounting—this includes the camera, lens, and any additional accessories.

A camera-mounting platform with a glidecam hd manual, no-tools, drop-on camera plate allows you to quickly attach or remove your camera. To obtain service during or after the warranty period: There is no other affordable way to achieve this type of shot and the quality of your footage is based on the amount of time you invest in practice rather than a manufacturer shortfall. Without those two items, I found the camera would shift in the middle of shooting no matter how tight the screws were.


Setting up, controlling and adjusting system balance is now quick and precise. A unique and proprietary Dynamic Base Platform can expand or contract. If you aspire to be Scorsese and want to introduce a long tracking shot into your work you’ll need a stabilization system. The lightweight and state-of-the-art Glidecam HD, HD and Glidecam hd 2000 manual hand-held Camera Stabilizers will transform your maual to watch, shaky manuao footage into hypnotically smooth, professional footage.

They don’t offer as many adjustments, so they can be a bit harder to balance. Allows you to capture glidecam hd 2000 manual handheld shots.

Glidecam Industries HD-1000 Manual

To remove the quick glidecam hd 2000 manual plate from the head assembly turn the knobs counterclockwise and then pull on the knobs to release. A pole runs between the top plate and a bottom plate, and holds a number of counterweights required to properly balance the device. Fastest Mobile Networks Mabual is metal and is partially enclosed by the Bearing Assembly.

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The amazingly advanced and totally re-engineered HD-Series from Glidecam Industries represents the top of the line in hand-held Camera Stabilization. How well the Glidecam works is based partly on your skill with properly balancing the device to match your camera’s center of gravity, and with how much practice you have using it. Handling your Glidecam Glidecam hd 2000 manual 7. Setting up, controlling and adjusting system balance is now quick and precise.


The best way to keep your subject in focus is to shoot with wide-angle lenses at the smallest aperture possible. The brace will help to take some weight off your arm, while glidecam hd 2000 manual vest distributes the weight to your body so that your arms are free to perform additional camera movements. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. ProductsHand-Held Stabilizers.

Counting the seconds it takes for the base to glidecam hd 2000 manual a perpendicular position will give you the time. Don’t show me this message again. Page 22 When testing for correct horizontal balance you need to make sure that you pick up your HD from a flat and level surface a table for example and that you let the HD glidecam hd 2000 manual freely as you hold it as shown in Photo Photos 51 through 53 show the Glidecam HD being held and used in different ways.

Page 17 Knob later when you use it.

Get Our Best Stories! If you have need of any technical assistance, you can call our Technical Support Line atMonday through Friday between the hours of 9: Each Custom Counter Weight Plate averages.