PDF manuals are eady to download and display on any device: MESOMATIC DK Users Guide English. You are here: Home · Weighing technics; DK MESOMATIC GmbH & Co. KG Automation und Messtechnik Gmünder Str. D Schorndorf. MESOMATIC provides a complete range of measurement devices for load cells and much more. Please be patient until Wägeterminal DK · Product details .

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Correction point 2 kg 2. AF value The entered afterflow-correction is also modified by the real afterflow.

DK800 Vx.1 Rev.48

Basic adjustment and calibration 2. A load cell or a resistance thermometer must be connected as shown in Mesomatic dk800 manual.

Profibus communication is only possible when the DK has started, that means data is shown on the display. Process data channel for inputs identification 0x98 The process data channel includes the data shown on the display of the DK at any time. After that mesomatic dk800 manual weight is displayed.

The 2nd serial Interface is used to connect a printer and is a RSinterface.


Download : MESOMATIC DK Users Guide English

E4 enable low E6 enable high A In order to avoid accidental writing in functions The error should be acknowledged. An auxiliary device, whenever necessary, must be installed before the mesomatic dk800 manual of the calibration. External zero setting enable 2.

For this reason, the version and revision strings must also be sent in order to allow the master to identify mesomatic dk800 manual data. The date can be read mesomatic dk800 manual the following command: Shortened bi-directional channel identification 0xBF If the over-full output is configured as an inverted output, it will also serve as a malfunction-warning output as the outputs are switched off when errors are reported or if the Watch-dog monitoring circuit is set off and the over-full output thus signals an error.

Device Mesomatic dk800 manual Actualisation of the process data channel data contents is carried out using the average parameter value rate for the analogue output of the DK Summary of serial functions User manual o Part 2: In order to delete, not only switch 1 but also switch 2 on manuap rear side of manua switch block must be set in the lower position.

D Mesomatic dk800 manual T Software revision date The load below which the weight results could be subject to an excessive relation deviation. R E G Wait time before registration s 3.


The new afterflow-value can be retransmitted with the following command: Waiting time prior to taring The lower-value figure is transmitted last. The measurement of the time for the mesomatic dk800 manual monitoring will be started with the start of dosing.

With a weight-proportional output, it is also mesomatic dk800 manual to have an output with a switchover from ek800 measurement range to the other. Writing data Data is transmitted in the same way as commands.


The output cannot be acknowledged, and is automatically set back to zero, when the actual-value is being registered. Data entry The keyboard on the front contains 5 keys with integrated LED’s.

The characteristic of the analogue output is displayed in Part 1 User ManualFig. Both values are between Switching Switch 1 to the upward position will acknowledge this report.