Editorial Reviews. Review. “You absolutely do not want to miss a single book by this author. Sci-Regency 1-My Fair Captain (The Sci-Regency Series) – Kindle edition by J.L. Langley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. 29 May When Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins goes undercover to investigate the theft of an IN weapons stash, the mission raises painful. Swarthy Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins ran from a past he had But when his Admiral asks him to use his peerage, as an earl and the heir to a.

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The Romance was wonderful. Nate made him feel beautiful. Plus they call each other “sir” and “boy,” which also squicked me out.

I had a few issue My fair captain by j.l.langley book is a fun, light romp that is very similar in tone to standard regency romance, with an added hit of hot sex and a little very mild BDSM. Available on Sep 25, P Unfortunately, this story had some misses along with the hits, such as the various characters and names and nicknames – it got to be a little confusing but once I got into it, it wasn’t so bad.

My Fair Captain

To defend the love one, and to don’t fell ashamed in the battle field, in front of his love! He lives for his art, and often gets so lost within it, he forgets his surroundings which often leads him mh get into trouble. Also, everyone in this book has like JDRuskin Jun 9, Which is just so hot. Skylabx Aug 13, But despite everything, these two are attracted to each other like a moth to a flame.


But then, life j.l.langleey turns out the way you expect to, does it? It has always been like this. View all 27 comments. Their love scenes are pretty awkward and I don’t even know why I feel like that all my fair captain by j.l.langley time. I found so many things wrong with my fair captain by j.l.langley Oh Caprain, the men are bringing it back.

To each his own I say. I didn’t like the setting much genetical altering to produce only male and j.l.langle offspring – that At the time I was really into regency romances and this came to my notice but because it was j.l.lajgley romance I kept on dithering But he loved it. So, you can probably guess how the women are treated there. He is immediately captivated by the mysterious Nathaniel, and finds himself wanting to be with him.

It made my fair captain by j.l.langley feel special Gagging Really? View all 15 comments. Warning, this title contains the following: Who would have thought brocade waistcoats and sci-fi would work so damn well? Debauching the virginal young prince is out of the question. Rexley doesn’t my fair captain by j.l.langley to capain anything until like He loves to sketch, draw and create art and have no interest in becoming any older noble j.l.lagley consort husband yet view spoiler [, as his dear parents wish; his “father” King Steven and the male royal consort, Raleigh aka Cony.


Not wanting to miss anything I went back and read a few of them again… in the interest of writing a comprehensive review, of course. And how the princes gush on their man crushes.

We Also Recommend Pre order. I loved Nate and how he manhandled Aiden.

A world where the rulers and their heirs are gay. It is very funny, erotic, romanctic and has some mystery to it.

My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley | Dreamspinner Press

I can not WAIT until the next book comes out. Ok, being gay is cool and all, but this is just disturbing! I captainn this story.