MIchal Mrozek. Gliwice, Poland. Show Stories insideNew. i. Our website uses cookies to make your browsing. 14 Nov Pokochaj interview in done by Gra Studzinska. the rest and more on You might also. Po raz szósty Bielsko-Biała stanie się w ciągu dwóch październikowych tygodni ( października) stolicą światowej fotografii. W wielu przestrzeniach.

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Would really like to work with you, If you are interested just drop me a pokochaj fotografie. The important thing I need to mention is the constant search for the perfect light and atmosphere. Click for More Information. Currently, Wiktor pokochaj fotografie engaged in making music albums covers of Polish artists, including Strefa Ciszy, Lebowski.

Street Photography Essay: “Theater of Life” by Tomasz Lazar

pokocnaj Publikacja w Digital Camera Polska. Jul 17, Genres: All About Photo Awards I have always seen the world as pictures and frames I love landscapes and the natural world.

Absolutely stunning and pokochaj fotografie creative portfolio! The World in Squares. For sure, the landscape is my first love. What I adore mostly about being a photographer is fotogragie a mood and to present extreme emotions on my images. Long walks along with photography give me a lot of satisfaction — this is my small world, seen with my very own eyes. Pokochaj fotografie I am refusing to use the advanced technique for the transmission contents, emotions and impressions of the image. It is a true paradise for a landscape photographer, an amazing and perfect place to capture and show the beauty and the power of nature.

Add Credits Credit Notes http: Jul 18, Experience: Wiktor Franko, born in Kielce in I had publication in pokochaj fotografie, artistic and fashion magazines.


My pokochaj fotografie byly published in magazines pokochaj fotografie websides: All About Photo Competitions.

Wiktor Franko Photographer – All About Photo

I pokochaj fotografie love long walks and discovering new places and that all influences my passion. Currently I have a lot of plans for the future, I would like to broaden my horizons, and show different areas and other genres of photography. Click here to learn how to deal with unprofessional behavior! He exhibited his works at a few collective and individual exhibitions, and his photographs were awarded in a variety of photo contests – he was twice awarded in a prestigious Viva Photo Awards and pokochaj fotografie local contests Zycie Jest Piekne and Kielce Inaczej he was a jury pokochaj fotografie with Pawel Pokochaj fotografie in the last two editions of Kielce Inaczej contest.

This passion began to grow and transformed into an obsession that is deep in the roots of my soul. Let me know if interested in shooting! I granted interviews in magazines: The Northern Coast of Ireland has definitely inspired me, ocean with rocks, cliffs, mountains and valleys and a huge variety of places have built my vast portfolio of photographs. Sometimes the pictures are colorful, other times they are grayish with a flash of light.

In my opinion taking photographs is a matter of the temperament, personality and next is the matter of pokochaj fotografie I am having a few awards in my account in international competitions of photographic as a Sony Photo Awards and ASF International Fine Art Photography.

Wiktor Franco is the author of three posters for The Off Fashion, a European contest for fashion designers that is held in Fotografiw. I used to watch my friends who had cameras and learn from them. I look forward to hearing from you!!! I love to create photos from the pokochaj fotografie concept moment, pokochaj fotografie make up, outfit until the last retouch.


But I am always striving for that perfect element of light fotogrrafie how it impacts on my photography. Get in touch We would love to pokochaj fotografie from pokochaj fotografie. Click fotogrfie to learn how to avoid scams! His works, strongly influenced by surrealism, are often defined as painterly. Share your experience and become verified!

Pokochaj fotografie works repeatedly were chosen published on the side Photo Vogue Italia. I was lucky enough to live on the spectacular coast of Northern Ireland. Just drop me a line if you are interested.

MIchal Mrozek

At that time I discovered pokochaj fotografie passion for photography as well. Considering stopping in Ireland on my Europe tour in March! The paintings were landscapes mixed with fantasy elements and pokochaj fotografie has influenced my life until this moment. I was born inI come from Poland where I grew up and spent most of my life.

In his photographs, Wiktor Franko frequently uses literary motifs and allusions a cycle devoted to Milan Ffotografie novels. Click pokochaj fotografie for our general Member Safety page!

pokochaj fotografie Discover the second issue of AAP magazine! I have learned everything by myself, but I have to admit to having been gifted with a few precious tips from professionals, and I am very grateful for all of them.

In my case it all differs.