19 Dec Muslim law under indian succession act 1. General Principles of Succession and Inheritance under Muslim Law: The general law relating. You are here: AsianLII >> Databases >> Burma Code >> Succession Act Database Search | Name Search | Noteup | Download | Help. PDF | On Dec 1, , Archana Mishra and others published Breaking Silence – Christian Women’s Inheritance Rights under Indian Succession Act,

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Section20 – Interests and powers not acquired nor lost by marriage. Section – Liability of executor of his own wrong.

Restriction on grant of certificates under this Part. Child prima facie entitled to legacy as well as portion.

Ssuccession Principles relating to intestate successionc. Bequest of thing succession act 1925 19925 general terms. Bequest to person by particular description, who is not in existence at testator’s death. Citation before grant of administration to legate other than universal or succession act 1925. Transfer to residuary legatee of contingent bequest. Bequest to take effect on failure of prior bequest. Section – District Judge’s powers as to grant of probate and administration. Conclusiveness of application for probate or administra-tion if properly made and verified.


Interest when time fixed.

Saving of right to bring suit. Petition is allowed to the aforesaid extent. XXI of to Act No. Section – Administration, during minority of several executors or residuary legatees.

Succession Act

Subscribe to this free journal for more succession act 1925 articles on this topic. Section22 – Settlement of minor’s property in auccession of marriage.

Grant of administration where executor has not renounced. Section – Administration until Will produced.

Section – Limit to refunding of one legatee to another. Section – Ademption pro tanto by testator’s receipt of part of entire thing specifically bequeathed.

Burma Code

Cookies are used by this site. When annuity, to be paid quarterly or monthly first falls due. Directions to executor or administrator. Debts to be paid before lgacies. Section53 – Division of share of predeceased child of intestate leaving lineal descendants.

Order of payment when legacy directed to be paid out of fund the succession act 1925 of specific legacy. A combined reading of Section and 57 of the Act would show that where the succession act 1925 to the will succession act 1925 Hindus or the properties in dispute are not in territories falling under Section 57 a and bsub-section 2 of Section of the Act applies and sub-section 1 has succeseion application.


Section – Validation of certain payments made in good faith to holder of invalid certificate.

Breaking Silence – Christian Women’s Inheritance Rights Under Indian Succession Act, 1925

Section – Annuity succession act 1925 by Will payable for life only unless contrary intention appears Will. Grant of succession act 1925 where no executor, sucession residuary lagatee nor representative of such legatee. Section – To whom administration may not be granted. Section – Forms of certificate and extended certificate. When acceptance of benefit given by will constitutes election to take under will.

Conclusiveness of probate or letters of administration.