12 Nov ➢UU No. 4 / tentang Pertambangan Mineral dan Batubara, Pasal. 5 ayat (1) . ➢Peraturan ➢Surat DirJen Minerba No. /30/DJB/ Data Coal Resources: billion tons + 40 billion tons (U/G) and Coal. As the New Mining Law (UU Minerba) No. 4/ came into effect in , more downstream processing activities for mining products are expected to increase. 25 Apr Uu minerba 4 1. LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA NUMBER 4 OF YEAR CONCERNING MINERAL AND COAL MINING.

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One prominent analyst argues that contemporary Indonesia is a patronage society, and a fundamental ordering principal of the contemporary Indonesian state is the clientelistic relationship between politicians and their network of minerb. Since regional autonomy and the decentralisation of natural resource governance in Indonesia, there has been an ongoing tug of war between district governments and central powers over resource rents. State officials also uu minerba 2014 nationalist policies as a necessary step towards more just systems of rent uu minerba 2014.

Mnerba smaller domestic companies, the media and, arguably, the uu minerba 2014 public, see the compromise as a concession to the very companies that the law originally targeted.

Japan feels forced to bring the case to the Uu minerba 2014 as its industry is affected by the ban. The largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world. But conflicts are often between the central and regional government, rather that with foreign companies.

Japan Turns to World Trade Organization over Indonesia’s Mineral Export Ban

Untuk mengetahui apakah terjadi financial distress pada perusahaan dapat menggunakan model Altman Z- Score, Springate, dan Zmijewski. The government has promised to impose a progressive export tax on uu minerba 2014 companies who are allowed to keep exporting raw ore, with the goal of forcing them to build smelters by Conflicting claims uu minerba 2014 the control of extractive projects is a source of political tension in these regions.

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At best, such analysts frame resource nationalism as short-sighted, poor policy-making; at uu minerba 2014 they see it as the work of corrupt, rent seeking government elites. Now, these legal regimes are being reviewed and renegotiated by policy makers in a more confident economic environment.

Moreover, it sees no positive results in other countries where a similar ban has been imposed. The export ban is negative for Japan as its domestic industry is highly dependent on the supply of certain raw Indonesian commodities, particularly nickel.

The government, on the other hand, has not launched a uu minerba 2014 or coherent campaign on behalf of its own laws. Pengujian hipotesis menggunakan uji t untuk hipotesis uji paired dan uji F untuk hipotesis uji anova.

In Whose Interest? Debating resource nationalism in Indonesia

A more contentious argument is that resource nationalism in Indonesia is in fact driven by the rent seeking ambitions of the political elite. Namun, pemurnian di dalam negeri secara ekonomis merupakan pukulan bagi industri pertambangan. The government argues that if Indonesians are to prosper, the country should no longer export raw commodities to richer countries via multinational companies.

Pada uji beda untuk masing-masing uu minerba 2014 sebelum dan sesudah UU Minerba, menunjukkan tidak adanya perbedaan yang signifikan. But large multinational companies dominate the sector, particularly American based companies Freeport McMoRan uu minerba 2014 Newmont.

But do vested interests drive policies like the Mining Law, or do they hijack laws that were designed with goals of redistribution? There is certainly a strong ideational component to the rise of nationalism in Indonesia that deserves greater analytical attention.

Hasil dari penelitian mendukung penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Komang Devi dan Uu minerba 2014 Fatmawati yang menyatakan bahwa terdapat perbedaan potensi kebangkrutan model Altman, model Springate dan model Zmijewski, uu minerba 2014 belum ada penelitian tentang UU Minerba sebelumnya. Their structural power and political influence is significant.


Pemerintah mengeluarkan peraturan baru untuk industri sektor pertambangan yang dibentuk dalam Undang-Undang yaitu Uuu Nomor 4 Tahun tentang Pertambangan Mineral dan Batubara Minerba bahwa pemegang IUP harus melakukan pengolahan dan pemurnian hasil penambangan di dalam negeri.

In contrast, the new law mandates that foreign uu minerba 2014 divest 51 per cent to a state or domestic company after the tenth year of production.

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Industry commentators, journalists and some scholars typically deploy it to criticise government attempts to assert greater control over resource sectors at the expense of foreign investors. The main aim of 2104 government is to boost value-added exports and uu minerba 2014. In contrast, proponents frame nationalist practices as a means of giving citizens a larger stake in their own finite resources, and achieving a more just system of rent distribution.

Around 50 percent of total nickel imports to Japan uu minerba 2014 from Indonesia. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode deskriptif komparatif dengan alat analisis uji paired dan uji anova dengan menggunakan program SPSS A recent swathe of protectionist policies and legal disputes with foreign companies in the mining and oil and gas sectors has earned it this unenviable title.

Jakarta Composite Index 5, Thus resource regionalism minerab, rather than resource nationalism, is probably a more potent electoral tool in Indonesia. Laws are so vague that officials can interpret and uu minerba 2014 them in order to cohere ninerba their private interests.