+ Visual Basics Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do you Option Base is to set the Index of the Array to start from 0 or 1. Intrinsic controls – Default controls of VB6, These control are always available in VB6 Toolbox. How do you register a component? Compiling the component, running REGSVR32 Name and explain the different compatibility types when creating. Visual Basic Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Visual Basic ( VB) is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated.

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The implicitly defined variable is never equal to nothing. ADO can access data from both flat files as well as the data bases.

Fill the Attrib parameter with constants that define additional field characteristics, such as whether it will allow null values or is updatable. Used to access records returned from an SQL query. X as variant vb6.0 interview questions and answers y as integer. Each client app that.

This removes the possibility of stranded, or partial data. Out of Process component. Diff types of Lock Types? If Option Explicit is declared, every variable must be defined. Why we use Treeview Control?


Early Binding vs Late Binding – define them and vb6.0 interview questions and answers What is tree view control? DoEvents command tell program control to execute other commands, while executing long task.

VB6 Interview Questions

Early Binding – Memory size is allotted while declaring itself. Cascade Delete, Cascade Update is done setting property of Attributes.? How to locate it? What is x and y data type? MDI child forms xnd always modeless.

What are the different types of error? Its Scope will vb6.0 interview questions and answers available through out the life time.

Visual Basic Interview Questions & Answers

Alignment property, Tab Index etc. Connect property Question Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by. Use vb6.0 interview questions and answers over the PictureBox because it takes less operating system resources PictureBox- While it can display pictures, it also acts as an area on which you can print text and graphics.

Option Base is to questuons the Index of the Array to start from 0 or 1. Multiple people can not modify the same code at the same time. An in-process component is implemented as a DLL, and runs in the same process space as its client inferview, enabling the most efficient communication between client and component. Vb6.0 interview questions and answers is the tool used to configure the port range and protocols for DCOM communications? Any control bound to Data Control.

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Can move to any record in the recordset. Single Use — Not possible through dll.

Can not alter the data. In-process components are used by applications or other innterview components. To set the command button for ESC, which Property has to be changed? What is Mixed Cursors? DKM August 13, at 1: What are the Style properties of List Vb6.0 interview questions and answers The cursor types are listed from least to most resource intensive. Net Interview Questions for more Microsoft. For example car is a class and MarutiMaruti Zen are objects of car vb6.0 interview questions and answers.

What is the default model of the form? It has a Stretch property while bv6.0 picture box has an AutoSize property.

(Paper) Visual Basic Interview Questions – Answers Set – 1

What are the Style properties of List Box? All changes are visible. To free up some memory usage, you can set the object to nothing. Find Nextstep4it on Facebook Facebook.